Thursday, August 11, 2011

Robbing from the vulnerable

The above video is from recent events in London. It shows a young Malaysian being simultaneously helped and robbed by a group of youths. The video was shown on the BBC news and understandably provoked quite a lot of reaction.

I felt this is quite an interesting motif to reflect upon from a broader perspective, thinking about how what was perpetrated in the video above models behaviour at other levels of society; from politics, corporate business and finance, healthcare, education and of course, the media.

Most corporations want our money, usually in exchange for junk.

Junk food that is full of additives, junk equipment that has obsolescence built in, junk insurance that is full of small print to minimise pay-outs and junk clothes, with a limited life and manufactured by people living in poverty.

Meanwhile, on a larger stage, the same deceits continue...

Children blown to pieces by  cluster bombs as democracy is forced upon populaces.

Troops killed in the name of war on an abstract concept - terror - which is in reality serving the interests of oil companies.

The muggers in the above video are simply replicating what happens routinely to us all. That young man being mugged is you. He is all of us who are being robbed under the pretext of being helped.

All the time, the rich get richer  -  last year, according to Mary Ridell writing in the Telegraph, the combined fortunes of the 1,000 richest people in Britain rose by 30 per cent to £333.5 billion.

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