Thursday, October 03, 2013

Blaming the vulnerable

A 'terrorist' with Asperger’s, an abused mother with alcoholism who kept the corpse of her child that died of starvation for 2 years in a squalid home, a murderer who was not being treated for his mental illness....all symptoms of a 'broken society'; a society broken by a lack of resources for mental health and social care, a society where the vulnerable are castigated and the people who work at the front end are blamed for what are systemic failures. The Conservative conference tagline ‘for hardworking people’ and Cameron’s closing remark "Together we'll build a land of opportunity for all” are just empty sound-bites to keep the faithful happy while all the while, the rich carry on getting richer and richer. I am beginning to despair. How many people are suffering right now? How more people and children have to die before we see some real change?

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